Adu Niomu Tercet

Table of Contents*

  1. Arrival
  2. CX Elavon
  3. Viesta Juice
  4. Mine
  5. CX Milogh
  6. Gushmush
  7. Trace
  8. Falchon
  9. The Truth
  10. Delivery
  11. The Plan
  12. Preparations
  13. The Escape
  14. The Vines
  15. Mu-dwams
  16. Ocean
  17. First Experience
  18. Midnight Crusade
  19. The Mu-dwams Potential
  20. Blue Screen
  21. Talking with Oe
  22. Return to Viewport
  23. The New Guy
  24. Lubricate
  25. Not Today
  26. The Crime Planet
*Subject to change.


Chapter 1 - Arrival
A Naronian transporter silently approaches Volstonecroft Extrapolis Mining Slave Colony 273, Adu Niomu Tercet, at the edge of the universe, only visible thanks to the transporter’s spotlight. Adu Niomu Tercet is one of Volstonecroft’s largest and newest facilities placed precariously in the limbo-space between the universe and the Void so that the space station won’t be left behind by the universe’s expansion, but also won’t escape into the Void never to return. The transporter slows rapidly as it nears the space station and stops directly above the uppermost section of the station. The top of the space station opens, revealing a hangar; the transporter descends into Adu Niomu Tercet. The hangar doors close and suddenly the engines and thrusters explode with rumbling volume. The engines power down and the thrusters ease the large transporter softly onto the hangar floor. Two lines of Volstonecroft guards, decked in gray armor and helmets with a red visor, are assembled at the base of the transporter as the cargo door opens. As soon as the cargo door is fully open the guards march into the cargo bay of the transporter, filled with forty cages each just barely large enough to contain a human man. Each guard goes to a cage and unlocks the door with a scanner. Stuffed inside each cage is a new arrival, weak and wearing only black trousers. The guards grab the arrivals and rip them out of the cages, throwing the weakened slaves onto the ground and then ripping them upright again, forcing them to stand on fragile legs that haven’t been used in weeks at least. The slaves stumble and fall as they try to remember how to use their legs and keep their balance on stomachs that have been fed only ounces of bland potomahn mush.

Chapter 2 - CX Elavon
Bayl is a small planet that orbits so closely to the massive planet Nuy-Sion that it never gets a glimpse of sunlight. Bayl is bathed in eternal darkness and has become known in the galaxy as the “Crime Planet.” Illegal dealers, drug lords, criminals, and outlaws flocked to Bayl and the government was unable to maintain order and control. The government retreated to a small strip known as Main, the only clean district that still had order, and allowed the rest of the planet to be overrun by the criminals. CX Milogh became a black market, Flow Snoht became the city of thieves and beggars, UNX-B9 became a warring district, and CX Elavon became the galaxy’s largest drug market. From orbit, Bayl looks beautiful. A planet with streaks of pink, blue, and green encasing it, but these vibrant colors are produced by neon signs that say: Guns, Drugs, Virgins, Young Slaves, Suicides, Sun Blasting, Alcohol. Massive holograms on the sides of skyscrapers promote these same services; vulgar rock and rap music blasts from the entryways of all the buildings and prostitutes stand on every corner.

Urnuld Holsh walked down one of the streets in CX Elavon wearing a tattered brown robe and keeping his head low, a hood pulled over his face. He entered a lift attached to the side of a skyscraper. The man in the corner of the lift leaning over the controls looked up at him with bloodshot eyes.

“Lya go et a ve Virgin Market lya?” the man stumbled over his words as if he was drunk.

“No, I need to go up to Habababary,” Urnuld responded.

“Oh. Va shure? Them ladies nev’r had no man. You be the thirst.” The man almost fell down, but caught himself on the lever. The lift slammed into the ground. Urnuld grabbed onto the railing and watched the drunk man fall onto the floor of the lift.

Urnuld closed the lift gate and stepped over the man. “Somehow I doubt that.” Urnuld pushed the lever up and the lift ascended up the side of the skyscraper, creaking and sparking.

The lift traveled through the hologram of a woman in a yellow dress standing in front of the Suncom logo. “Remember to get your weekly dose of sun at the Palace. You’ll die if you don’t. Suncom keeps you alive.” The hologram dispersed, but reappeared after two minutes. “Remember to get your weekly dose of sun at Zenith. You’ll die if you don’t. Suncom keeps you alive.” The hologram dispersed again, the lift was now halfway up the skyscraper. After two more minutes, a new hologram of a man in a white suit appeared. The man snapped his fingers and pointed out across the district. “We have a suicide just for you. So if you’re feeling lonely because your lover just got stabbed, or if your parents got shot in UNX-B9, or whatever the case might be, Emporium can fix it. Emporium.” A gun materialized in the man’s left hand, he raised it to his temple and with a pull of the trigger the hologram was gone. The man reappeared just as the lift reached the top of the skyscraper with another suicide advertisement.

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