Adu Niomu Tercet

Discovery of Extrapolis

Elionas Turpelinski discovers the edge of the universe in 1208. He later returns with the Volstonecroft brothers and a small team of explorers in 1214. After Genneth Volstonecroft disappears into the blackness that is the edge of the universe, Turpelinski sends a probe beyond the edge discovering an enormous energy source outside the universe. Turpelinski and Benyard Volstonecroft recruit a team of engineers to help devise a plan to retrieve a sample of this unknown energy source, which Turpelinski dubs extrapolis. After many failed attempts to recover the samples using probes and spacecraft, Benyard begins building Volstonecroft Extrapolis Mining Station Elavon in 1217. The construction is completed in 1229 and the first samples of extrapolis are recovered.

Benyard Volstonecroft and Elionas Turpelinski return to Naron with the samples of extrapolis and after months of testing they determine that extrapolis is a clean, reliable, and highly efficient energy source. Turpelinski theorizes that extrapolis powers the universe's expansion and that there is an infinite supply of extrapolis outside the universe. Construction begins on eight more Volstonecroft Extrapolis Mining Stations and by 1237, extrapolis is the primary energy source for Naron, Atlas, Eoodu, Nuy-Sion, and Bayl. Elionas Turpelinski dies in 1246. In 1247, Naron begins colonizing Ocean.

After Benyard Volstonecroft's death in 1248, the Volstonecroft Corporation is taken over by Geston Horfalt. Horfalt orders construction of Volstonecroft Extrapolis Mining Slave Colony A, the first slave colony. In 1251 extrapolis becomes the primary energy source for Claron and Helpon. Volstonecroft continues building slave colonies around the edge of the universe without informing the Galactic Government that they are using slaves to operate the space stations.

Turpelinski's Research

Elionas Turpelinski divided space into five categories after discovering the edge of the universe.
  • Interplanetary-space is defined by the solar wind, a continuous stream of charged particles emanating from the centerstar that creates a very tenuous atmosphere for billions of kilometers into space.
  • Interstellar-space is the physical space within a galaxy beyond the influence each star has upon the encompassed plasma.
  • Intergalactic-space is the physical space between galaxies.
  • Limbo-space is the physical space between the universe and void-space.
  • Void-space refers to the theoretical infinite that exists outside the universe.

Planetary Systems

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  • Atlan .:. In 1012 K-Lin Urmquat discovered the Atlan system. In 1013 the Atlan system joined the Galactic Government.
  • Blockant .:. In 1017 the Blockant system joined the Galactic Government.
  • Claronic .:. In 1249 the Claronic system joined the Galactic Government.
  • Naronian .:.
  • Leaf .:. Not part of the Galactic Government.

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