Adu Niomu Tercet

A science fiction novel about slavery


Urnuld Holsh owes a great sum of money to Cxturu, Lord of the Habababary Syndicate on the planet Bayl, a planet cast in eternal darkness. When Cxturu kidnaps Urnuld's wife and daughter and threatens to sell them into the sex business, Urnuld is forced to sell his son, Brye Holsh, into slavery to pay back his debts.

Brye Holsh arrives on Adu Niomu Tercet, one of Volstonecroft's largest and newest Extrapolis Mining Slave Colonies, with only one objective: to escape, return to Bayl, and kill Cxturu.

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Adu Niomu Tercet is 56 pages long as of 18 December 2018 @ 11:37 PM CST.

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